2017 Oak Creek Velvet Hunts

Hunt Monster Whitetail Deer in Velvet

Mid August is fast approaching and we are anticipating a great velvet hunt again this season. The bucks we are seeing and catching on the trail cams are growing fast and should be true Missouri giants by then.

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No matter if you are looking for a huge typical, a wide and heavy buck or an old gnarly giant non-typical the buck you are looking for is at Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch.

There are very few spots left for this season, so don’t hesitate to call. For information on the hunts and the book your spot, 573-943-6644.

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Whitetail in Velvet
Jumped this monster whitetail buck in velvet earlier this week.

Oak Creek Monster Buck Tracker 6-20-2017

IMG_1471June has been better than we could even imagine. We have seen several bucks that are over 25 inches inside and some even pushing 30 inches. The jump from the last Monster Buck Tracker is huge. This year has been perfect for antler growth.

First, the winter was rather mild and the bucks came out in really good shape. Then it warmed up and the food plots sprang to life and gave them a great early start to growth. Now the Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover has already been mowed once and is knee high again.

June is always the month we really can see the growth kick into high gear. They have gone from adding inches a week to inches a day. We are already seeing bucks that have us really excited. Several look like they will blowing up the record books come this fall.

This year we have only a few spots left for velvet hunts in August. If you have not tried this it is something you need to do this year. Call us for info on the hunts and dates available.

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Is anyone else seeing good bucks yet? We would like to see the bucks of your area, post photos in the comment area if you would like to share. Keep checking back with us as we will be posting photos on our other social media pages and in the weekly Monster Buck Tracker blog.

If you are looking for a great place to elk hunt, Oak Creek is also your hot spot in the midwest for that. We caught some of the elk out in the open the other day.

Would you like to extend your season? There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com.

Show Season is Over, Time for Shed Hunting

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-11-38-45-amWe would like to thank everyone who came by and saw us at the conventions this season. It was great seeing you and catching up.

Both DSC and SCI went great and we had good weather for the trips there and back.

We have begun to find some sheds and they are really giving us great expectations for 2017 and upcoming years. We have cameras out year round to monitor our herds, so as soon as we get photos with dropped antlers, we start looking. Two weeks in we have found some great sheds. Check out these, and let us know what you think!

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This set scored almost 200″net. In the photos he was at least 25″ wide inside. He will be something to really watch in the 2017 season. We may have the next Typical Record!

This monster typical set scored 194”. With photos we have of him, he looked to be over 25” wide. Just imagine this monster buck walking under your stand next season. Going around 225-230” this time, what do you think he will score next season? Could we have the next Typical World Record Buck? Oh and we are still waiting on a bigger typical to drop. Stay tuned to Facebook and our other social media pages to see the sheds as they come in.

Our first hunts will again be in the middle of August as we will be hunting monster whitetails in velvet for a few exclusive hunts. If you were thinking about joining us for the premier velvet hunt in the country, the spots are filling up quickly. Give us a call today, 573-943-6644

Now it is time to laser focus on getting everything ready for the 2017 season. We are cleaning up, this winter has been pretty hard on the trees with the wind and ice we have had. It seems like there is always something that needs working on.

There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com.

Pending #1 Typical Muzzleloader Whitetail

Last week, one of our hunters at Oak Creek had the chance to harvest the buck of a lifetime. It is the pending #1 Midwestern Typical Whitetail Deer taken with a muzzleloader. The monster Missouri whitetail scored 211″ net and had a 230+ inch gross score.



Make sure to come by Booth 459 at the Dallas Safari Club Convention, Jan 5-8, to see this amazing animal.

To see the other magnificent bucks harvested this season on the main ranch, click here. To see the bucks from Oak Creek 2, click here. To see previous record book deer in both Typical and Non-Typical categories, click here.

If you would like to know more about going on your hunt of a lifetime, contact us at 573-943-6644. You can also reach us through our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com, or our social media sites.

Oak Creek Monster Buck Tracker 12-8


With the last month of season here, we are still hunting hard at Oak Creek and our hunters are harvesting some really great deer. This season has been amazing and the deer are breaking records left and right.

Pending #1 Non-Typical Crossbow Midwestern Whitetail in the SCI Recordbook

The Non-Typical Crossbow record fell three times in less than a month. There have been several bucks over the 400 inch mark this year and as we moved into December the average deer harvested on the main ranch was 259″ and on Oak Creek 2 it was 193″, both well above any previous year to date.

This season the ladies have been striking gold with some monster bucks.

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With the cold weather finally getting here we are starting to see more of the monster bucks hitting the Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover food plots during the daylight hours.

During the photo tours we are seeing a good amount of bucks and getting the opportunity for a lot of quality photos.

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Call now to get information on these great hunts and also to get information about the 2017 seasons, 573-943-6644, or go to our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com.

Oak Creek Monster Buck Tracker 10-28

This week has been really good on the cameras. We are seeing several bucks that have not been caught before and they are starting to move really good. Within the next week and a half or so, we should be seeing the rut activity start up. Click here to see more Main Ranch Trail Cam photos and here to see photos from Oak Creek 2.

The Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover is really drawing the deer both night and day. We use it in most of our food plots and are having great success with it.

Another product we are using this season is the HS Vita Rack LickSite. We believe it has been a big reason for the growth and health of our deer.

Both the main ranch and Oak Creek 2 really exploded on the cams this week. The big bucks are coming out of the thick timber now more and more. Rut is not far off.  The guides have seen several bucks chasing does around already.

Main Ranch

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Oak Creek 2

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Would you like to extend your season? There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com.