February at the Ranch

Young buck dropped at the Lick Site.

February has been great at the ranch, we have found some amazing sheds, checked the cams and been watching several young bucks that have not dropped yet. It has been a very busy time as we are now getting ready to plant our food plots, fix the roads and everything that the winter had messed up.

It has been a couple of days since we have had a chance to go out and shed hunt, but it looks to be slowing down. There have been only a few showing up on the cams with the headgear. For more sheds we have found this season click here!pict0163

The food plots held up great throughout the winter and the deer are looking really good as they come out of the hard times of winter. They have gained back most of the weight they had lost and are getting ready to grow their monster racks and have their fawns. Make sure to keep watching the blog and our other media pages as they spring and summer progress.

One of the younger elk and a sika are still holding their headgear also. Hopefully we will be able to find them when they do finally drop.


PICT0474.jpgOne of the best things about running the cameras all year long is getting to see all the different animals that use our camera traps. We have been seeing quite a few turkey on the ranch and it is getting us itching for turkey season.



Our first hunts will again be in the middle of August as we will be hunting monster whitetails in velvet for a few exclusive hunts. If you were thinking about joining us for the premier velvet hunt in the country, the spots are filling up quickly.

There are a limited number of spots available on both ranches, and also a few elk and sika hunts available.  Call now to get information on these great hunts, 573-943-6644, or go to our website, www.oakcreekwhitetailranch.com.




Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack Clover

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.15.26 PMPerfect for spring or fall planting, Vita-Rack® Velvet™ Whitetail Clover has superior palatability (sweeter tasting) and produces tons of forage per acre. It’s blended with Velvet-brand Ladino Clover, White Clover, Alsike Clover, PGI33 Red Clover, Medium Red Clover, and Crimson Clover. Velvet Clover grows extremely tall and spreads well for a thicker food plot.

Plus, Vita-Rack® Velvet pumps up to 150 pounds of nitrogen per acre back into the soil, making cost-saving crop rotation possible. The 2.5-pound bag covers a quarter acre and the 10-pound bag covers a full acre.

Food Plots are working like magic

The Hunter’s Specialty Vita Rack Clover we planted in our food plots is already drawing in the deer and turkeys. PICT0034

We set out our trail cams to catch any activity we might be having on the plots and were extremely excited by what we saw. There were deer and turkey all over it.

We are seeing some really nice young bucks this season and they are already starting to slick up and look good coming out of winter. The young buck above is off of Oak Creek  2.

PICT0067Over the past week, it has been normal to see deer and turkey out on the plots at all times of the day.

The most deer has been in the lower twentys and 12 turkeys at one time.

The turkeys are starting to split up here and the gobblers are really starting to jockey for dominance here on the ranch.

As the summer goes along, be watching for more updates.