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Be a part of the tradition! Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch exists to provide you the ultimate fair chase trophy whitetail hunting experience in a preserve setting. We seek nothing less than to serve you with the highest quality in personalized service and attention to detail. You may arrive at Oak Creek as a stranger but you will depart as family. We share all that is Oak Creek with you, with the goal that you will make your return, an annual tradition.

Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch continues to produce most of the SCI* top 35 Record Book Trophy Whitetail Deer!

Oak Creek now holds the records for 33 of the top 35 Typical and 30 of the top 35 non-typical Midwestern whitetail deer!

Donald Hill, Owner, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch


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    1. Thanks for the response. We do both free range and high fence. You will never know the difference. As a matter of fact my deer in there are wilder and harder to hunt than my free range deer. There is just better genetics and opportunities. I wish I could grow deer like that in my free range area, but I don’t think there is anywhere in the world that is doing that now consistently anyway. You are very lucky to kill a 150 inch free range deer now days. It might be better to call and talk in person so we can discuss things in more detail.
      Give us a call, 573-943-6644


    1. Here is a link to our website price list. We have hunts starting at $4,900 on Oak Creek 2. The average buck this year is right at 175″ on that ranch. On the main ranch, the hunts start at $6,900 for a 160-190″. Either ranch is a great hunt. Oak Creek 2 is semi-guided and main ranch is fully guided. Both hunts include lodging, licenses, food, skinning and preparing for processing and taxidermy. Give us a call at 573-943-6644 for more information. Also if you would like a brochure, send us your address and we will get one out to you.
      Thank you for your interest.



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