Oak Creek Buck Tracker 8-31-2017

The velvet season has come to an end and now we are watching the bucks as they shed the velvet and go into hard horn. We have already seen some that are clean, but most are just getting ready to start. We can’t wait to see these monsters in hard horn.

Hunting season starts here in two weeks. We are filling up fast, so if you are still looking for that hunt of a lifetime. Give us a call, 573-943-6644 for information. If you would like a brochure, send us your address and we will get one out to you.

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Make sure not to miss the first Elk Tracker of the season. We have been waiting for them to shed their velvet to start them.

The velvet season went very well, the largest buck was over 480″. These will be showcased in an upcoming blog in a couple of days.


7 thoughts on “Oak Creek Buck Tracker 8-31-2017

  1. Doug Cochet

    I look forward to seeing your trackers come up near the beginning of hunting season just to see how big your whitetail deer are compared to the ones we have up here in northern alberta Canada . This is my 6th year hunting up here and still have yet to get my first whitatil buck and my first bull elk


    1. Hi Doug,
      Our deer are a bloodline from Canada that we brought here in 1992. We have been managing them to the extreme since then and our average deer has steadily increased up to 255″+ last year.
      Good luck to you this year, we hope we see harvest photos when you get a big one. If you ever decide to come to Missouri for a deer/elk hunt let us now.


  2. Frank Challant

    when you go to OAK CREEK, you have entered ” Heaven on Earth”.!!!.Starting with Don and his wife, the guides and the men who process you game you will not be treated better.
    If I asked, they probably would have laced my boots.

    The food for the gustes is not 5 star fancy, but you will NOT be disappointed or hungry.

    now for the land and deer……..my buck was “0nly” SCI 290….they do get bigger, //shooting
    is like over a golf course..wide open if that is what you want, hard oaks and cedars if that is your choice….

    Need I say more……..


  3. Frank Challant


    how long can i wait for a MEAT hunt in DECEMBER….

    your call on animal(s)

    you keep hides and antlers————if you want them

    Frank Challant >


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