Oak Creek Monster Buck Tracker 10-3

We have really been catching some good bucks this week on the trail cams. There was everything from a 300+ inch giant non-typical to a beautiful nine point with 12 + inch G2’s. No matter what you are looking for, this week the Buck Tracker more than likely has your dream buck in it.

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September was great here at the Ranch. Our hunters averaged 243″ on the main ranch and 227″ on Oak Creek 2.

September average ad.jpg

In Oak Creek 2 this week, we freshened our Hunter’s Specialties Vita Rack 26 Lick Site. Boy did it ever draw in the deer. We had these two nice bucks come in the very first day and lots of does and smaller bucks.


Click here to see the bucks harvested during the 2015 season, will you be on this season’s list. Here is a link to the bucks harvested so far in the 2016 season.

No matter what kind of deer is your favorite, wide, tall, typical, drop tines, non-typical, your dream deer is going to be at Oak Creek this season.  Our season started August 15th with our limited velvet hunts and goes until the end of December. For more information on the deer or your hunt of a lifetime, give us a call anytime @ 573-943-6644

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