Great Outdoors!

It is amazing what just a 10 minute walk outdoors can do for you spirit. While just needing to stretch my legs, I decided to grab my camera and walk around the lodge.

IMG_9990Four new wildflowers had started to bloom and the air was abuzz with life.

The Ox-Eyed Daisies were just starting to bloom with only about 10 in full bloom. By next week the hillside will be white with them. The insects had already found this one. This is just one of the many bees I saw taking advantage of the newly blooming daisies.

The Yarrow was also just starting to bloom.

One flower nearing the end of their blooming cycle was the False Dandelions. Seen below with a Yellow Sulfer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were two drake Wood Ducks sitting on an overhanging limb on a shallow pool. There must have been at least one hen in the vicinity as they were all puffed up. IMG_1471feature

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